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  • Industrial Internet of Things with MQTT and IO-Link

    2019-08-21 14:45:58

    There are many ways to achieve the kind of reliable machine-to-machine connectivity that powers the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT. Message Queuing Telemetry Transport, or MQTT, is a highly configurable protocol that builds on the widely used TCP/IP standard.

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  • 5 Ways Carbide Metal Compound is Used in the Manufacturing Industry

    2019-08-19 14:15:18

    Carbide is composed of a combination of the elements of carbon and tungsten. When these two elements are mended together they create an alloy that is resistant to heat, scratches, pitting, and rust.

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  • Import Compliance 101: Following Four Basic Principles

    2019-08-16 09:21:16

    Importers bear the burden of complying with all U.S. laws and regulations when their goods enter the country. Failure to exercise reasonable care in this effort can result in long delays in the release of merchandise, and the imposition of stiff penalties.

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  • HP 3D Print Design Competition

    2019-08-15 10:02:25

    Color is opening up a world of new possibilities for 3D printing. It’s helping surgeons create models to prepare for surgery, allowing manufacturers to develop better parts, and enabling customization not previously possible.

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  • The Top Miners Are Split on How to Chase the EV Battery Boom

    2019-08-12 09:36:23

    The world’s biggest miners, including BHP Group and Glencore Plc, are finally firm believers in the electric vehicle battery revolution — what they don’t agree on is which metals will deliver the best long-term exposure to the developing global market.

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  • How Electricity North West enhanced cybersecurity

    2019-08-09 13:53:28

    Electricity North West, the power network operator for the North West of England, turned to Westermo to enhance cybersecurity and reduce the lifecycle costs of a data communications network which supports the electricity distribution network. Westermo industrial networking technology has been used to create a resilient IP-based network that has enabled the implementation of services such as NMS (Network Management Service) and CLASS (Customer Load Active System Services).

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  • 5 Ways Technology Improves Warehouse Safety

    2019-08-05 10:19:55

    The warehouse and logistics industry has come a long way from its early days, and it continues to grow and change as new technology emerges. In 2017, there were 5.1 injuries recorded per 100 full-time warehouse workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. How does technology work to improve warehouse safety, and how can supervisors and managers adopt these new technologies to their benefit?

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  • Car Makers Are Reinventing the Wheel to Keep Up With Robocars

    2019-08-02 10:29:34

    The car industry is reinventing the wheel to prepare for autonomous vehicles. Japan’s Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd., whose roots stretch back to when Henry Ford was building his Model T, is developing a “smart tire” that can monitor its own air pressure and temperature, and eventually respond by itself to changes in road conditions.

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  • Diode Laser on your 3D Printer, Perfect Tool for Makers?

    2019-08-01 09:12:42

    3D printers are amazing for makers everywhere, as they enable easy, cheap, and fast progress on projects. They can’t do everything though, especially if you want a different material from plastic, you’re for the most part out of luck. That’s where CNCs, and laser cutters come into play. They allow you to work with many more materials, like wood, acrylic, metal, and more. Compared to entry level 3d printers, even small CNC routers and laser cutters are quite expensive though. So, what if you could use the existing motion system of your 3d printer and just add laser cutting and CNC functionality? With CNC, that is quite difficult due to the much higher forces that are applied to the tool head. Laser cutting however doesn’t have that issue, so it’s a prime candidate to be retrofitted onto a 3

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  • 10 Ways Warehouses Can Decrease Costs and Increase Efficiency

    2019-07-30 09:50:18

    Cobots aside, there are many more ways in which warehouses can be improved to boost efficiency and productivity. Many of those opportunities also decrease associated costs, simply because of the benefits they offer.

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